Another briefing note from the BCO’s Environmental Sustainability Group, this latest note covers the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS).

Publication Date 30 Mar 2015
Title Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme
Category BCO Research & Policy
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Description ESOS is an energy assessment and savings scheme which is administered by the Environment Agency. It applies to large organisations employing 250 people or more and/or have an annual turnover in excess of €50 million and an annual balance sheet total in excess of €43 million.

Organisations participating in the ESOS scheme must account for their total energy use and examine the way their offices use energy. In the longer term ESOS will increase the transparency of the energy performance of individual buildings

Low cost technology has been developed to enable the internet of things to operate. Many features of the internet of things already exist and are used within buildings, it will simply make them ubiquitous. In the longer term it will mean that systems will make intelligent ‘decisions’ based on their physical and temporal location and function.