Publication Date 01 Jan 2009
Title Making ICT work for you
Category BCO Awards, BCO Research & Policy, Architecture & Interior Design, Occupier & Property Management, Construction, Engineering, Technical Services, QS & Cost Control
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Andrew Waller, Remit Consulting
Bob Thompson, Remit Consulting

The word "Technology" usually has one of two reactions from listeners. People either love to talk about the detail of the latest gadget and how their iPhone has changed their lives. Or, the reaction is that "we have a (useless) IT department - it's always going wrong".

However each business unit should be aware of:

- the technology they currently need to carry out their work

- the processes involved in carrying out that work

- the technology their competitors are using and its benefits

- any innovation in the marketplace which could be useful

- future developments in the market which will require improved working practices and technology.

This paper sets out what every CRE manager can do to compete for scarce IT resources in their business.

BCO Research, Design, Fit Out, Occupier Issues, Technology

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