The new BCO publication 'Making the Grade' takes a look at the impact of office development on employment and city economies.

The structure of the UK economy has undergone huge change in recent decades. The continued patterns of globalisation mean that the UK is likely to continue to specialise in higher value, office-based employment. This makes the provision of office space very important for the future economic growth of our cities.

This report finds that, despite strong demand, some of our most successful cities have not seen large increases in the supply of office space.

This paper explores patterns of office development by looking at case studies of two large cities- Bristol and Manchester- and two small cities- Cambridge and York- to gain a better understanding of how the office development market differs in these places.

Publication Date 24 May 2012
Title Making the Grade
Category BCO Research & Policy, Agency, Development, Ownership & Investment, NextGen & Future Trends, Occupier & Property Management, Urban Affairs & Planning
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