Copenhagen to Berlin

2018 cycling

We invite you to participate in a unique challenge for 2018.

This year’s conference is all about diversity and inclusion and sees the BCO host the annual Conference in Berlin.  

After much debate, we decided to start our journey in the cycling friendly city of Copenhagen. The plan is to ride 250 miles by bicycle cross Denmark and Germany leaving Denmark on Monday morning and arriving in Berlin on Wednesday afternoon, with no stage longer than 100 miles.

Our route will take us from Copenhagen in Denmark on Day 1 heading south to Gensler where we will catch a ferry, dinner will be served at sea then back ashore where we will be based for the evening at Rostock in Germany. Day 2 will see us cruise across the north of Germany down through the scenic Basedow to Neubranenburg. On the third and final day we will push on towards Berlin, finishing at the conference venue in the city centre.

Despite the challenge of cycling 250 miles in 3 days, the emphasis for 2018 is to continue the true spirit of the BCO ride - a collaborative effort presenting a fantastic opportunity for networking. We ride as a single group or peloton, with the emphasis being on completing the ride together, whilst networking and socialising with like-minded people from the industry. Nobody gets left behind and stronger riders will be on hand to support. If you’re looking to race or cycle at a brisk pace, then perhaps this ride is not for you!

This is your opportunity to ride like a pro-cyclist through some unfamiliar terrain. The ride will be managed by Club Peloton - we will be riding in a fully supported peloton with a full rolling road motorcycle escort, or on cycle paths - so we avoid stopping for traffic. There will be full mechanical support, masseurs are available and you will stay in good hotels, with all meals included

You will only have to worry about being in Copenhagen on Sunday 20 May at 4pm for the ride briefing. We do require you also to raise money for this year’s conference charity. 

Friends, colleagues and industry peers can celebrate the cyclists’ arrival at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel around 4pm on Wednesday 23 May.

For further information, please speak to Carl Giles, Partner, alinea. Contact details are noted below:

Email: Carl.giles@alineaconsulting.com tel: 07824097846