Founded in 1978, The Story of Christmas (SoC) is the property and construction industries’ annual Christmas charity event. It takes place each year starting as a carol service St George’s Hanover Square in London with celebrity readers, followed by a reception and charity auction. The event raises funds to finance a series of capital projects benefitting both the homeless and disadvantaged children in the London area.

Homelessness in the capital is on the rise. It is estimated that around 5,000 people sleep rough on London’s streets each night. The Story of Christmas works with homelessness charities across the

London area to widen and enhance their facilities. The charity has funded extensions, renovations and the installation of additional facilities in countless hostels and walk-in centres over the past four decades. SoC has recently financed new showers, kitchens, cafes and sleeping spaces - as well as training centres that enable the homeless to gain skills and resources needed to secure remunerative employment. SoC also regularly funds the creation of move-on accommodation for those in need of a permanent home.

In an ever more challenging climate, the life experiences faced by both disadvantaged and disabled children are becoming increasingly tougher. The Story of Christmas works with children’s hospices and specialist centres for children with complex disabilities, as well as the charities that work hard to improve the lives of children with few advantages. Last year The

Story of Christmas installed a new lift at The Children’s Trust, which supports children with brain injuries and a new sensory interaction suite at Haven House Children’s Hospice (one of four capital projects funded by SoC at the hospice in recent years). SoC has purchased new buses and minibuses for the charities XLP and Prospex, which work with underprivileged children to build relationships with them and help them live happy and productive lives.

Each year, SoC’s capital projects are selected in the spring. Full details of the projects being supported in 2020 will be viewable by the end of April at


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