BCO Awards 2021 - Entries are now open!

If you have a project that was completed between 1st January 2017 and 1st November 2020, then it is eligible to enter for our BCO Awards 2021.

The judges questions are reviewed by the judging panels each year, but don't tend to change year on year. To view the questions for 2020 you can simply download the Entry Guide 2021.

Entries for the BCO Awards 2021 competition close on Friday 27 November 2020. 

                                    BCO 2021 Entry Guide OCTOBER 2020   


Test of Time Award 2021

The Test of Time Award was introduced in 2011 and rewards previous BCO award winners that have gone on to fulfil their original aspirations and intentions. It recognises factors such as adaptability, savings in use, increased staff retention and / or reduced staff absenteeism. This award is by invitation of the national judging panel and is open to awards winners from the previous five years. All winners of a BCO Award in 2016 will be invited in early 2021 to enter their winning project for a chance to win the BCO Test of Time Award at the National Awards Dinner in October 2021. To find out more, please email






In response to feedback from our members, we have added more flexibility to our pricing structure and are making half tables available at a reduced price of £70 and full tables at a reduced price of £140 to attendees that are finding it difficult to pay the full price of £700 for a table in this economic climate.


The BCO would also like to make sure that every entrant has the opportunity to participate in this year’s virtual awards, so if you have submitted an entry for the 2020 Awards competition you are eligible for a complementary table of 10 at your regional event.


However, if you feel you would like to support the BCO and help cover the costs for the virtual awards by paying the original full price of £700 for a virtual table, we would be delighted to offer you an extra table free of charge at your regional event, as well as give you the opportunity to host a table (free of charge) at one of the other four regions.


What if you have already booked a table or places?


  • If you have booked 1 place, you get 4 complementary places


  • If you have booked 2 places, you get 8 complementary places


  • If you have booked a virtual table for £700 you are eligible for a refund of £560 to align with the new strategy. Alternatively, you can have an extra table at the event you are attending, plus 1x table at another region.


  • If you have allowed the BCO to keep the full ticket price from the cancelled original events, you can choose, if: you would like to ask for a part-refund (so you now only pay £140 OR you pay £700 and get the above extras) OR (if you don’t ask for a part-refund) you will get 1 table at every regional event, plus an unlimited number of extra tables at the event they have booked for.

What if you can’t fill all complementary places?

Don’t worry! Unlike physical tables, virtual tables are entirely flexible, so any number of guests from 1-10 in total will work well on a virtual table. 

Contact for bookings and refunds


Clare Hollick at Createvents:


Tel: 01183 340085





This year, necessitated by the pandemic, we are taking the BCO Awards online. The growing strength of the BCO’s regional chapters and their desire to spotlight the very best in each area will feature in a Festival Week of Virtual BCO Awards which will take place from 19 October – 23 October.


19 Oct Midlands & Central England Awards

20 Oct  London Awards 2020

21 Oct Northern Awards 2020 

22 Oct South of England & South Wales Awards 

23 Oct Scottish Awards

The grand finale of this world-class competition will take place on Tuesday, 26 January 2021, when the regional winners are brought together for the fiercely fought national awards final. This will be a fabulous virtual event with all the razzmatazz you would expect for the grand finale.